Believe it or not

The leading advertising company M2 Printing was only started 10 years ago by the Muller brothers as BudgetBanners. Usually it takes more time to reach the position in the market that M2 Printing has already reached now.

But how did that happen, you wonder?

The answer is really as simple as it is effective. Over past 10 years the brothers have worked on BudgetBanners, a formula on which they started with a lot of conviction. High quality linked to competitive prices, flexibility and a high level of service. A simple strategy you might say, but one that works or fails with the condition: ‘Do what you promise.’ That last thing was something they did and very consequently so. After that they have linked that clear attitude with a dose of courage.  Business guts, to be precise, by always running ahead when it comes to development and innovation. That is because for the Muller brothers that is basically the most normal thing in the world, a basic attitude so to speak. And yes, then you can get somewhere, so it turns out from the past 10 years.


Time for the next step, the Muller brothers believe. A step which is the logical consequence of their always present urge for innovation, improvement of structuring and especially the search and finding of solutions for their clients.

To give power to this step and indicate it as a serious moment in time the Mullers have decided on letting go of BudgetBanners into a greater whole. An umbrella organization that accommodates the new values in a way that they are clear for all their clients and stakeholders. Especially because it does not concern a simple house style change or other way of saying what is basically already done for years. No, it concerns a true change here. A new organization with a new structure, of which BudgetBanners is of course part and even has a special place. Our clients have more than earned that of course.

Muller2 Printing
This new organization is a fact and is called M2 Printing. Just as you are used to from them: direct, clear, open and transparent. This new approach offers the brothers the possibility to optimally spend attention for their clients on a large diversity of products and services, optimal attention to innovation and above all else to monitor together with the client for the highest reachable quality of every product and every application.
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