The company

Every time again we ensure that that special moment happens. That one moment on which everyone is just silent and full of wonder, with the mouth half open, stammering a little, just before the first reaction is there. That moment on which all of a sudden you see in reality what you saw on screen earlier. All of a sudden the largest canvas of the Netherlands is hanging on the Shell tower or the stage of Mysteryland looms in front of your nose. That one moment at which you realize that it is really hanging there and that it is actually starting. Because we all know that an event, an opening or a campaign only gets real if you can see the evidence in front of your nose. In your face, so to speak.

That moment: we are good at it. And that is exactly why the phrase – JUST AMAZING – is so suitable.

M2 Printing is a young and dynamic full service sign- and printing company that specializes in large formats and the delivery of many types of advertising media, advertising frames and mobile presentation systems for marketing purposes, information supply and market improvement.

We do not really need to mention here that the wishes of the customer and the quality of the product always come first. Our experienced organization is characterized by its flexibility, knowledge of the market and the products and a hands-on mentality. That of course does not need to be said. That is because it is generally known.

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